Mfmic released the analysis report on the innovation index of electronic components in the first quarter of 2022

On May 16, 2022, MFMIC and the Organizing Committee of China Electronics Fair (CEF) officially released the analysis report of innovation index in the first quarter of 2022

In the first quarter, the impact of the global chip shortage continued to appear. Some upstream material factories were fully booked, some wafer factories were scheduled for price increases, and some original factories responded with price increases. In terms of the terminal market, the demand of the consumer electronics market has slowed down. In addition, entering the traditional off-season, the demand for smartphones, PCs, laptops and so on has cooled significantly, and a large number of terminal manufacturers have cut orders. However, the demand of automotive electronics, Internet of things, servers and other industries still maintained growth. In addition, the fermentation of emergencies, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine affected the global semiconductor industry chain, and the frequent earthquakes in Japan affected the production capacity of some original factories. In addition, the domestic epidemic broke out and closed the city, affecting the domestic semiconductor industry chain, further leading to the imbalance between market supply and demand. First, let's review the "major events in the IC industry in the first quarter":

Altera Price increase events in the first quarter:

In January, the prices of Pengcheng technology, melexis, Renesas and Toshiba optocouplers have increased, and then the prices of sick and OMRON have increased. In February, microchip raised its price on March 1, while Western Digital and micron raised their prices; In March, Hanlei technology comprehensively raised the price of its key customer Infineon. Honeywell announced that it would impose a surcharge on products from April 1. St informed distributors in the Asia Pacific region to raise the price of all product lines from the second quarter, and Nichicon, a large Japanese aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturer, would raise the price from April 15.

xilinx Major global events in the first quarter:

In January, NVIDIA's US $40billion acquisition of arm and Taiwan, China's globalwafers' acquisition of German wafer supplier silicon Ag both failed; In February, the United States and the European Union successively passed the bill on investment in the chip industry. In addition, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine intensified and the risk of semiconductor special gas supply; In mid March, two strong earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 and 7.4 occurred along the coast of Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. Many semiconductor factories, such as Sony, Kaixia, Murata and Renesas, shut down one after another, and production has been fully resumed before the end of the month.

The hot search of innovation index in the first quarter was TOP10: the demand for MCU search increased and the demand for automotive chips was strong.
In the hot search TOP10 of IC trading network models in the first quarter, MCU still accounted for 70%. Although the Spring Festival holiday was included, the overall search demand increased quarter on quarter in 2021q4. In addition, St officials said after the spring festival that its demand orders this year have far exceeded the production capacity, further indicating the imbalance between supply and demand in the future market. In addition, TI's vehicle supply is still in short supply, especially tps9 series. The search heat continues to rise. The supply and demand of TI's general materials has improved, and the supply is relatively sufficient.

The price fluctuation of innovation index in the first quarter was TOP10: the price of MCU rose, and the price of some automotive chips still rose.

Among the top 10 price fluctuations in the hot search of the innovation index in the first quarter, the overall MCU price increased in varying degrees due to the obvious rise in the search demand of the overall MCU after the Spring Festival. Among them, the price of microchip's 8-bit MCU: atmega328p-au increased by an amazing 300%. Ti's vehicle LED drive: tps9 series search demand is still strong, and the price also continues to rise. With the improvement of the supply of general materials of some Ti, Price increases also fell.

The inventory fluctuation of innovation index in the first quarter was TOP10: Ti demand was weak and the market was divided at two levels.
Among the top 10 inventory fluctuation models of innovation index in the first quarter, Ti accounted for half, but the overall demand was relatively weak, and the inventory also increased. At the same time, the demand of PMIC also decreased, resulting in the increase of inventory of relevant item numbers. The market demand for automobile models is relatively strong, and the amazing price increase leads to the weakening of terminal demand, which also indirectly leads to the increase of inventory level. At the same time, the delivery time of some original factories has not been significantly improved. For example, Infineon, the content of the price increase letter has exacerbated the imbalance between market supply and demand, resulting in the differentiation of the current market supply and demand structure.

With the increasing shortage of global semiconductor production capacity, the innovation index will continue to monitor the change trend of demand, price and inventory of popular IC models. Through the special research report formed by professional data such as demand, price and inventory changes, it will effectively support platform suppliers to do business more easily and provide more comprehensive supply, demand and price data for purchasing managers.
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